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Zayed Primary School integrates Madrassa Education and Secular Education.Principal

We mould our children to be good Moslems and fair well in the secular system (8 – 4 – 4 ) of education. 

These systems bring out a child who is spiritually upright and well prepared to join and excel in an ever-changing world

We stress on discipline and hard work, as a key to unlock a pupil’s full potential.  The school is well secured

with electric fence, has playgrounds for sports and offers swimming as an option for those who can afford.

The learning environment and facilities is second to none.  The majority of our pupils secure places in some of the best schools.  A visit to the school gives a refreshing experience and be advised you will fall in love with it on first sight.

W E L C O M E.

The Zayed Hall




     Front View of the Zayed Hall 





The Zayed Hall was officially opened on …

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The School Album


The School Gallery




The official opening of the Centre was done in the year 1999.




The Late Hon. Shariff Nassir …

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